North Leaf Solutions focuses our efforts from our prior experience and prior industries.  Our skills center around bringing data out of the dark and into use.  That has kept us working within data warehousing, business intelligence, analytics, and more.

Systems Architecture

The foundation to all good analytics systems is the overall systems architecture.  Our specialty is listening to the stakeholders, prioritizing requirements, and defining an analytics architecture that meets the current needs as well as building a solid foundation for future growth.


Enabling an environment and team for analytics is different than building a BI system or data warehouse.  Data Mining has unique requirements that need to be considered.  We can enable your statisticians to focus on your business rather than your data.

Business Intelligence & Visualization

The final layer–where the users interact–is the visualization layer.  We’ve worked with a wide range of tools in the industry, and they each have their strengths and weaknesses.  A successful deployment will align a tool’s strength with your needs; be respectful of your budget; and be suitable for long-term expansion.